Who is this?

I am Mohsen Faghih, a 30 or so person live on earth.

What do you do?

Anything can make this world better, ranging from tree planting to writing code … my-resume

So what?!

Here I want to share my knowledge, experiences and interests with YOU


What is Micro Frontends ?

Micro frontends are a relatively new concept in web development that have gained significant traction in recent years. Similar to microservices, micro frontends represent a way to break down a monolithic system into smaller, more manageable components that can be developed and deployed independently. The idea behind micro frontends is to divide the user interface (UI) …

Hooks in React.js

These are all hooks present in React.js useCallback useContext useDebugValue useDeferredValue useEffect useId useImperativeHandle useInsertionEffect useLayoutEffect useMemo useReducer useRef useState useSyncExternalStore useTransition Benefits of using hooks : Clean code With less code, achieve similar class-based functionality.